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Interior - Spec E30

Seat, seat installation parts, shifters and steering wheel quick releases for Spec E30, all here for you.

For Harnesses and Driver safety gear, look under SAFETY EQUIPMENT & TRACKSIDE


PEDALMS - Aluminum pedal set. Includes a wider gas pedal for easier heel and toeing.

BMW 1 Series E81, E82, E87, E88

BMW 3 Series E30, E36, E46, E90, E92,

BMW Z3 and Z4





Add some 'cool' factor to your car!  Fill the ugly hole in the middle of your steering wheel in under a minute, with style!

Once your friends see it, they will want one too!



Corbeau seat brackets allow their seats to bolt right in with a minimum amount of hassle.



Classic styling, E30 cup holder and arm rest.



Longacre 14"  wide angle mirror , with short brackets for rollbar mounting.

Quickly and easily add a wide angle racing mirror to your rollbar.



Panel can be mounted directly to your dash or to your roll bar with Mounting Brackets 22783 or 22787.


Longacre Heavy Duty Wiring Harness for Switch Panels, saves time wiring Langacre switch panels.

Plugs into all Longacre switch panels.  Color coded wires match Longacre dash panels.


Longacre Helmet Hook for 1-3/4" Roll Bar

Hang up your Helmet when you aren't wearing it.  


No welding necessary to mount brackets, bolts right to your roll bars.

Bracket are CNC machined from billet aluminum, sold in pairs.

Mount multiple Longacre spot mirrors to cover all your blind spots.



This device is able to absorb outstanding impacts thanks to a programmed deformation, thus dramatically increasing the safety level in case of collision.



Motorsport Decal Set, all the essential stickers for circuit and rally cars to meet FIA requirements.

Save time and easily source all the stickers

Matching set of stickers, look sharp!



It accepts 6 hole Steering Wheels with a 74mm bolt pattern.


NRG-SHA - a short hub adapter for E36 BMW

BMW 3 Series, E36 1992-1999



When mounting a racing safety harness to sheet metal, a reinforcement plate on the opposite side of the sheet metal is essential to prevent the mounting eyebolt from pulling up through the thin metal.



The Planted Seat Bracket is made  with 3/16" thick steel for superior strength.



Get the right hardware for mounting your race seat



Hardware to attach Planted Side Mounts to race/track seats that are designed for side mounting.



Choice of two models of Side Mounts for mounting race seats in cars.

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