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E30 Cup Holder

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Classic styling, E30 cup holder and arm rest.

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Cup Holder for the center console of your E30

Do you remember the Husco armrest/cupholder that was available for the beloved E30 back the late 80s? Back then it was pricey at $129. Research shows the vintage Husco units are selling for $200+.

No doubt you’ve taken a long trip in your E30 and an elbow rest would be nice. No doubt it would be nice to keep a drink close by. The answer, Harison Motorsports' E30 Armrest/Cupholder.

To add this accessory to your car, remove the center console. (A 10mm plastic nut under the rear ash tray holds it in.) The side panel of the armrest/cupholder assembly slips under the left side of the parking brake lever (three, 13mm bolts hold the lever in place).

With Velcro, position the elbow pad to your liking. There you have it! Comfort and practicality at a price you can afford, introductory price $89.00.

Chassis Code :
  • E30 3 Series 1984-1991
  • E30 M3 1988-1991
  • 3 & 4 Series
Suggested Use:
  • Enhance the stance & look
  • Street use
  • Interior
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