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E30 Value Service Kits

We know that amateur racing, while fantastic fun on the track, can be stressful when it comes to vehicle preparation and repair. So we put together some kits to help assure you that you are ordering the right parts for the job. 


Saves you money as well as time.



Make sure your factory BMW brake calipers are up to the challenge of compressing the braking zone of your E30 with our E30 ATE Brake Caliper Rebuild Kits.

$94.95 $190.00  


Harrison Motorsports has assembled a kit with rebuild parts for your OE Girling calipers



We've assembled all OEM or better parts to freshen your car for the season.

Our kit addresses fuel/air, spark, and internal lubrication.



Installing a new diff? Looking to source a "junkyard score" diff? Want to install a new diff bushing? This is the kit you need for all of the above, and then some.