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Steering Wheels

Sparco Steering Wheel Comparison Chart


  Wheel Dish Cover    
Model Diameter Depth Material Shape Features
L360 330mm Flat Leather Flat Bottom  
L360 330mm Flat Suede Flat Bottom  
R353 330mm 36mm Suede Flat Bottom  
R323 330mm 39mm Suede Round  
L505-Lap 5 350mm 33mm Multi-leather Round Alcantara, Leather, Perforated leather
R375 350mm 36mm Suede Round  
Strada 350mm 39mm Leather Round Black stitching
R368 380mm 65mm Suede Round Yellow centering stripe


New from Racetech, leather race wheel, comfortable grip.

Sparco steering wheels are designed to improve grip and comfort for driving precision.

The Sparco R323 steering wheel is a 330mm diameter, 3 spoke steering wheel trimmed in black suede with a Sparco logo. It is a competition steering wheel designed for use in racing or rally cars.


Improved grip and comfort for driving precision.

Diameter - 330mm
Dish (depth front to back) - 36mm
Cover Material - Suede
Shape - Flat Bottom


The Sparco R368 Steering Wheel is a classic round wheel, and sports a dish of 65mm.  This allows the rim of the steering wheel to sit closer to the driver than a flat wheel.

The all-leather grip offers a durable, long lasting steering wheel perfect for HPDE or Club Racing.

Sparco R375 Steering Wheel  Diameter - 350mm
Dish (depth front to back) - 36mm
Cover Material - Suede
Shape - Round

  • Sparco Lap 5 Steering Wheel Diameter - 350mm
  • Dish (depth front to back) - 33mm
  • Cover Material - A combination of  Alcantara, Leather,  and Perforated Leather
  • Shape: Round

  • Diameter: 350mm
  • Dish: 39mm
  • Cover Material: Leather
  • Black Stitching
  • Shape: Round