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Interior Parts to make your car a race car.   Racing Pedals, Steering wheels, quick releases, and Shift Knobs.  We also carry fire supression systems, kill switches, motorsports pedels, clutch stops, wide view mirrors, seat mounting systems, and more.

Other products that could be considered Interior, such as Race Seats and Harnesses, are found Safety Equipment.

If you can't find what you are looking for, please give us a call, 678-879-1200, or email us at websales@harrisonmotorsports.com



HMS/CF/E46 Bulkhead

BMW E46 Carbon Fiber/Alumi-core Bulkhead Panel for covering the hole caused by deleting the rear seat.  Prevents items in the trunk from moving forward into the passenger cabin in cases of sudden deceleration.




Add some 'cool' factor to your car!  Fill the ugly hole in the middle of your steering wheel in under a minute, with style!

Once your friends see it, they will want one too!



The Original Auto Mat, Classic look, and dirt falls into the mat, staying off your clothes.



Classic styling, E30 cup holder and arm rest.



Properly used, AFFF will create a floating film covering flammable materials that prevents fumes and vapors from igniting, and/or re-igniting after a fire.

Varies sized systems to choose from.


HMS/E36 Door Panel

Made from long lasting aluminum, not cheap plastic.  Will not crack or shatter under stress.  Now shipping with a beautiful brushed finish.


Order a quantity of two to receive a pair.  Order one to receive a single panel.



Kill Switch Sticker

Master electrical switch locator adhesive sticker, to highlight the location of Master Electric switch on racing vehicles.



Longacre 14"  wide angle mirror , with short brackets for rollbar mounting.

Quickly and easily add a wide angle racing mirror to your rollbar.


Manual battery disconnect switch with a bright red handle.

Allows driver or emergency personal to shut off the entire electrical system with a quick turn of the key.

12 Volt 125 Amp Continuous Rating, 500 Amp Peak



Panel can be mounted directly to your dash or to your roll bar with Mounting Brackets 22783 or 22787.


Longacre Heavy Duty Wiring Harness for Switch Panels, saves time wiring Langacre switch panels.

Plugs into all Longacre switch panels.  Color coded wires match Longacre dash panels.


Longacre Helmet Hook for 1-3/4" Roll Bar

Hang up your Helmet when you aren't wearing it.  


No welding necessary to mount brackets, bolts right to your roll bars.

Bracket are CNC machined from billet aluminum, sold in pairs.

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