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Engine Electrical

Wiring, Warning Light Kits, Battery Disconnects and Flip up Start and Ignition Switch Panel


AL3M3 - Set of four bushings.

BMW 3 Series E30 M3


AL02 - Alternator Bushing Set – Delrin - set of four

2002 Model BMW or E21 320i



Fully automatic charging and maintenance in 8 steps maximizes battery life and performance.


Kill Switch Sticker

Master electrical switch locator adhesive sticker, to highlight the location of Master Electric switch on racing vehicles.


Manual battery disconnect switch with a bright red handle.

Allows driver or emergency personal to shut off the entire electrical system with a quick turn of the key.

12 Volt 125 Amp Continuous Rating, 500 Amp Peak



Panel can be mounted directly to your dash or to your roll bar with Mounting Brackets 22783 or 22787.


15 to 50 psi Oil Pressure, 1/8" NPT

Complete kit includes sender, light, wire and terminals


Longacre Heavy Duty Wiring Harness for Switch Panels, saves time wiring Langacre switch panels.

Plugs into all Longacre switch panels.  Color coded wires match Longacre dash panels.



Motorsport Decal Set, all the essential stickers for circuit and rally cars to meet FIA requirements.

Save time and easily source all the stickers

Matching set of stickers, look sharp!