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Engine Mechanical - Spec E30



We've assembled all OEM or better parts to freshen your car for the season.

Our kit addresses fuel/air, spark, and internal lubrication.

$36.00 $67.00  

4 pack-M20 oil filters

Add a case or two of Red Line Oil.  Make it easy to change your car's oil by having oil and filters together in your workshop!

$34.99 $64.97  

E30 M20 Timing Belt

11 31 1 711 081 OEM


Kill Switch Sticker

Master electrical switch locator adhesive sticker, to highlight the location of Master Electric switch on racing vehicles.



Motorsport Decal Set, all the essential stickers for circuit and rally cars to meet FIA requirements.

Save time and easily source all the stickers

Matching set of stickers, look sharp!



Engineered to keep oil surrounding the oil pick-up under hard cornering and acceleration loads