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Tire Gauges

What is the perfect tire gauge for you? Options to consider...

PSI Range  All tire gauges work best when reading in the middle of their PSI range. For example, if you run 30 psi in your tires, then the most accurate gauge for you will be one that reads up to 60 psi.

Bleeds air  All Longacre tire gauges will allow you to bleed off air when checking the tire pressure.  No fumbling with the valve stem on the tire while guessing how much air you just let off.  Makes adjusting your PSI easy!

PSI Increments  PSI increments are another thing to consider when choosing the correct gauge. Each marking on the dial face can represent a different PSI depending on which gauge you buy.  The smaller the amount of the increments, the more accurate reading you will get.

Face Size and, Glow-In the-Dark Face or Backlight  Reduce human error with a large dial face. The larger the face, the easier the markings are to read. If you race at night or in a poorly lit pit area,  you might want a GID (glow-in-the-dark) analog gauge or a backlit digital gauge. 

Liquid Filled   All Longacre tire gauges have a dampening system built into the gauge head that softens the blow of air pressure, therefore helping to protect the gears.  That abrupt movement inside the gauge is what wears them out. Just think, if you have 30 pounds of pressure then you have 30 pounds of pressure blasting the gears inside the gauge. Additional protection is offered with a Liquid Filled gauge. Liquid is used to soften the blow of air pressure entering the gauge.

Digital vs Analog  Digital gauges are great, however the cheaper the sensor the less accurate the gauge is. With these gauges you get what you pay for.  Analog gauges are a great unit of measurement for the money. Normally, the bigger the face size the better the gauge is.

Case Included  The best way to keep your gauge accurate is to keep it in a foam lined case when not in use. If your gauge is getting bounced around in your tool box or being dropped, it will lose it's accuracy.

Protective Bumper  All Longacre tire gauges have a protective bumper.  Not only does it help protect your gauge and help maintain it's accuracy, it makes gripping the gauge with gloves on easier.

Hose Length and Chucks  Longacre offers 2 different hose lengths, 14" and a 17" for those hard to reach areas. The swivel chuck is more convienent when the hose gets twisted.  Most of the better gauges come with the swivel.

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