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Interior - Mirrors & Miscellaneous Goodies

E36 Interior Door Panels in carbon fiber or aluminum, AKG Motorsports Pedal Set, Roll Bar Padding, Clutch Stops, G Force Roll Bar Mirror mount, TRM GoPro aluminum mounts and hard wire power supply, and Racetech door pulls.

PEDALMS - Aluminum pedal set. Includes a wider gas pedal for easier heel and toeing.

BMW 1 Series E81, E82, E87, E88

BMW 3 Series E30, E36, E46, E90, E92,

BMW Z3 and Z4




HMS/CF/E46 Bulkhead

BMW E46 Carbon Fiber/Alumi-core Bulkhead Panel for covering the hole caused by deleting the rear seat.  Prevents items in the trunk from moving forward into the passenger cabin in cases of sudden deceleration.


Collar Clamp - Keep your harness straps from moving


Kill Switch Sticker

Master electrical switch locator adhesive sticker, to highlight the location of Master Electric switch on racing vehicles.



Longacre 14"  wide angle mirror , with short brackets for rollbar mounting.

Quickly and easily add a wide angle racing mirror to your rollbar.


Longacre Helmet Hook for 1-3/4" Roll Bar

Hang up your Helmet when you aren't wearing it.  


No welding necessary to mount brackets, bolts right to your roll bars.

Bracket are CNC machined from billet aluminum, sold in pairs.

Mount multiple Longacre spot mirrors to cover all your blind spots.



Motorsport Decal Set, all the essential stickers for circuit and rally cars to meet FIA requirements.

Save time and easily source all the stickers

Matching set of stickers, look sharp!


RaceTech Door Pull



Mount multiple Longacre spot mirrors to cover all your blind spots.