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Motorsport Decal Set, all the essential stickers for circuit and rally cars to meet FIA requirements.

Save time and easily source all the stickers

Matching set of stickers, look sharp!



Perfect for Endurance racing, can quickly customize the seat for different drivers during driver change-overs.

The RT1000 meets the demands of the club level and national motorsport enthusiast, with all the function but none of the frills.


The RT4119 are made from fiberglass composite,shell weight 7.6kg, 7.9kg or 8.3kg depending on seat size.

The RT9119 are made from lightweight Kevlar/carbon, shell weight 4.4kg, 4.6kg or 4.9kg depending seat size.


The RT4129 are made from fibreglass composite,shell weight 13.4kg, or 14.9kg depending on seat size.

The RT9129 are made from lightweight Kevlar/carbon, shell weight 8.7kg, 9.0kg or
 11.2kg depending seat size.


Designed for mounting the following Racetech seats.

  • Racetech's RT1000 series seats; RT1000, RT1000LBHG
  • Racetech RT4000 seats; RT4000W, RT4000WX, RT4000WLB, RT4000WXLB
  • Racetech Road series seats; RTRoad, and the discontinued RTRoadW

All Racetech seat brackets are FIA approved.  Hardware not included.



RTB2115B: Racetech 5mm aluminium (5083) bracket for back-mounting seats


RaceTech Door Pull



New from Racetech, leather race wheel, comfortable grip.

Use them up high for support at your waist, or lower for lumbar support. Set of two cushions.



FIA 8853-1998 (5 year life)




FIA 8853-1998 (5 year life)



FIA 8853-1998 (5 year life)




With two inch wide lap belts

For use with Head and Neck Restraints.



While designed for professional teams, any team or driver that desires easy lap belt adjustability will love this harness!  It weighs a very light 5.6lbs (2.55kg).

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