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Racetech 009 Series Race Seat, (RT4009, etc)

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Perfect for Endurance racing, can quickly customize the seat for different drivers during driver change-overs.

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Racetech 009 Series Race Seat

DOES NOT QUALIFY FOR FREE SHIPPING, call for shipping estimate.RT4009

Intended for club and national motorsport drivers, this seat provides superior comfort and support.

Adjustable, removable back and base cushions allow hassle-free customization. Perfect for Endurance racing, can quickly customize the seat for different drivers during driver change-overs.  Order a Racetech Super-low Base Cushion to sit 30mm lower in the seat compared to stock, (slight gap on the inside which doesn't affect performance).  Order a Racetech Low Base Cushion to sit 15mm lower, also has a slight gap that does not affect performance.  The standard replacement base cushion for the 099 series seats is also available if you just want a new cushion.

The RT9009 provides a lightweight option at just 11.3kg  (20.3 lbs) due to its construction.

  • Fibreglass shell construction with a glossy gel-coat in black, or the lightweight Kevlar/carbon construction which shaves about 4.4lbs from the shell weight while still having the strength to exceed the FIA 8855-1999 seat standard.
  • Suitable for road or competition use
  • FIA homologated to 8855-1999 standards with a 5 year lifetime  Silver hologram anti-counterfeit logo is applied in the Racetech manufacturing plant on completioin of the seat.  Note: the RT4009THR and RT4009WTHR models are not FIA homologated.
  • Side mounted with RTB1009M brackets (sold separately) Micro-adjust seat height with the four mounting bosses per side.  These bosses are spaced by 90mm, allowing height adjustment increments of just 10mm.
  • Integrated Head Restraint reduces lateral or oblique head movement, especially during impacts, greatly reducing the strain on your neck.  Also serves to reduce the chance of a basilar skull fracture. Seats with the integrated head restraint are suitable for competition where 270 degrees of head support is required.
    Racetech RT9009HR, lightweight, FIA approved





Boss Bolt on Racetech race seats




Racetech's bolts make it easier to install their seats in tight squeezes between tranny tunnels and door sills.




Racetech RT9009HR


Racetech Moulded Base Cushion


Moulded Base Cushion helps support your legs while cornering.  Velcro fastening allows you to easily remove the cushion if you prefer to lower your center-of-gravity and sit directly on the seat shell for direct contact and feel for the car.  

Racetech Stealth color option, black patches gray embroidery







Racetech 009 Series seats use the RTB1009M side mount brackets to install.


  FIA               Mount Shell Total  
Model 8855 A B C D E F G Width Weight Weight Material
RT4009 Yes 57 60 37 48 52 86 65 40 8.5 11 Fibreglass Composite
RT4009W Yes 59 60 41 50 52 86 65 44 8.5 11.3 Fibreglass Composite
RT9009 Yes 57 60 37 48 52 86 65 40 6.4 9.2 Kevlar/Carbon
RT4009HR Yes 57 60 37 48 53 86 65 40 8.7 11.4 Fibreglass Composite
RT4009THR No 60 66 37 48 53 91 71 40 9.1 11.5 Fibreglass Composite
RT4009WHR Yes 60 60 42 51 53 86 65 44 9.5 11.6 Fibreglass Composite
RT4009WTHR No 60 66 42 51 53 91 71 44 9.9 12.1 Fibreglass Composite
RT9009HR Yes 57 60 38 48 53 86 65 40 6.5 9.2 Kevlar/carbon
            dimensions in cm       weights in kg  


Racetech Dimensions Guide

Suggested Use:
  • Performance enhancing
  • Street or Mild Track Performance Upgrade
  • Race Level Performance Upgrade
  • Safety - Driver
  • Safety - Vehicle
  • Reinforcements - Skid Plates, Tower Braces & Reinforcement Plates
  • Safety Equipment - Car, (Seats, Harnesses, Nets, Tow Hooks, etc.)