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Racetech Magnum 5 Point Harness

Standard weight harness, weighing 3.4kg, (7.5lbs)

Shoulder Strap 3" (75mm) wide
Lap Strap 3" (75mm) wide
Crotch Strap 2" (50mm) wide
Short description:


FIA 8853-1998 (5 year life)



Racetech Magnum 5 Point Race Harness


RTMAG5 Harness

5-point harness with wide 3" shoulder and lap straps. A lightweight camlock is attached to the 2" crotch strap.

Features velcro on the lap straps for fixing the belts to your seat fabric when the harness is not in use, allowing easy entry and exit from the vehicle.

Pull Up style lap belts for easier adjusting

  • 3" lap belt
  • 3" shoulder straps
  • 2" crotch strap
  • FIA homologated & SFI
  • 5 year life
  • Weighs 7.1 lbs
  • Shoulder strap length is 67" fully extended


Includes five snap hooks, and five eye bolts.  Snap-hooks can be removed if you would rather use your roll cage or harness bar to attach via wrapping.

Can be used with a HANS by rolling the shoulder straps up toward the neck.

Click on the Magnum 6-point HANS for the lightweight listing for use with HANS device


Common Applications Club to intermediate circuit and rally.
Harness Technical
Homologation FIA 8853-1998 (5 year life)
Weight 7.1lbs (3.2kg)
Fastener Cam-lock (fixed to crutch strap)
Shoulder Strap 3" (75mm) wide
Lap Strap 3" (75mm) wide
Crotch Strap 2" (50mm) wide
Shoulder Strap Length 67" (1700mm) fully extended
Fittings 5x snap-hooks
Hardware 5x 7/16" UNF eye bolts
Suggested Use:
  • Street or Mild Track Performance Upgrade
  • Race Level Performance Upgrade
  • Safety - Vehicle
  • Interior
  • Safety Equipment - Car, (Seats, Harnesses, Nets, Tow Hooks, etc.)