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Can' t say enough good things about these guys. Work that was recently done was exceptional and at a reasonable price. Technicians are knowledgeable and can deliver what they promise. My M3 has never driven better. Well worth the drive in from Buckhead . Wish I had know about this group years ago.

Thank you for great prices and fast shipping. I will recommend Harrison Motorsports to all my BMW friends.

I think the new website is excellent. Great pricing and customer service, free shipping is always a plus. Five Stars!

So I just bought the Powerflex bushings for my E38 traction arms. I have to say, ordering could not have been easier; the website is straight forward with no gimmicks, just the way it should be. Now, they shipped the wrong ones yesterday, but caught the problem today, then the owner, David, let me know they were going to ship out the right pair today, along with shipping them UPS 2Day Air so I could get them in time for Christmas.

I have to say that is some great customer service going on there. I plan on doing more business with them as it's hard to find a company that is on the ball when it comes to their customers and their business.

Thanks again David, I really appreciate everything.

I sat in quite a few seats before I selected this one. Very comfortable for average to tall drivers (my buddy has one and is 6'2"). Also, side head restraints do away for requirement for right side restraints, tying them to roll bar, etc, etc. Shipped to my doorstep literally in under 24 hours I was amazed!


Just wanted to drop a note and say thanks for the quality work on the install. One thing I really appreciated was not getting nickeled and dimed on "shop charges." Also, putting towels in the box under my old diff. so oil wouldn't stain the trunk. Small stuff, but the kind of stuff customers notice.

Anyway, I've done my dozen or so figure eights, and I'm taking it somewhat easy so the moving parts get to know each other gently, although a guy in a MB CLS 500 seriously taunted me on GA 400. But even driving it less aggressively than usual, I can really feel the difference in the seat of my pants. Even my wife came back from a drive and said, "whoa" and then proceeded to tell me why her car is still superior.

Next to the suspension, easily the best mod I've done. If any of your customers are looking for diffs., you should definitely consider Jim Blanton, particularly for 5 Series where the aftermarket is no as strong. Really great guy.

Again, thanks. If any other wingnuts on the bimmer forums take pot shots at your shop, you've got another ally, unless you start posting pics of your mansion and enclosed, heated pool on the internet. Then you're on your own.

WOW... I'm amazed at the customer relations of your business. Generally, returning a part never goes as smoothly as it has gone thus far. Although this little quirk has delayed my install a week and a half, I'm extremely happy that my retailer decided to dropship through you. I will now purchase all of my UUC parts through you. Thank you for being so helpful! By the way, I have a heavily modded e46 m3 and a twinscrew supercharged e36 m3, so i go through parts frequently and love to upgrade. MAybe you can set me up with some sort of sponsorship pricing ;). Anyway, thanks again for being such a great guy to deal with; I will definitely buy from you again in the near future.

I want to take the time to thank Dave Harrison and the crew at Harrison Motorsports for their excellent service and support for the BMW enthusiast. I dropped in on Dave several years ago at the advice of a colleague. Since that time, Dave, and Vince, have helped me with inspection, maintenance, and modifications on my growing stable of BMW cars.

It’s great to find a shop whose proprietor runs a competent garage, sponsors the local club, participates in club events, and is truly a BMW enthusiast. His recommendations on modifications and vehicle set up have been spot on. Together we’ve transformed my 2000 M Roadster into a fun and capable DE track car.

The modifications that we’ve collaborated on include a UUC lightweight flywheel, UUC short shift kit, HMS roll bar, Race Tech seats, VAC Motorsports seat brackets, Schroth harness, TC Kline DA suspension, brake ducts, and stainless steel hydraulic lines.

Michael Johnson

This is Frank Lee. I got the car back yesterday from the Inspection II service, and it runs great.

Vince installed two software updates and wanted me to tell him if I could feel a difference.

I definitely feel a huge night and day difference. For the life of the car, I had this sticky pedal issue with being able to control the gas smoothly and small applied pressure on the gas would lurch the car forward. I am not sure what Vince did, but looks like those software updates fixed it, and it now runs smoother than the day I got it with only 13 miles.

I'm in love with the car all over again.

Thanks guys.

I wanted to write you a quick note and thank you for the excellent work your shop has done on my 540i. The Hawk HP Plus pads and stainless steel lines you recommended for the track made a huge difference in performance, and made my 4000 pound sedan perform much better than I thought it could. Plus, you guys diagnosed a valley pan gasket leak that the dealer hadn't even noticed the week before (and fixed under warranty when I took it straight from your shop to them). The install of my 3.64 limited slip was perfect and I've enjoyed every minute of that mod. Thanks for the advice on the best ratio. The 3.64 was just the ticket.

Your mechanics are second to none. For the high caliber of work you do, your prices are extremely reasonable.

Quality of work is just one part of the reason I chose one mechanic or shop over another. Equally important is how I'm treated. And you guys treat your customers well. You consistently provide honest, no-nonsense advice and treat your customers like grown ups. You take the time to sit down and talk to your customers about what we want and expect, and then come up with a plan for meeting those expectations. No lectures. No fantastic claims. Just honest discussion and promises delivered. I never get the sense that I'm being sold a bill of goods. Bottom line: You know what works on the track and on the street based on experience and knowledge, rather than marketing claims and rumor. That's rare these days.

So, thanks for all the fine work. I look forward to continuing to do business with you. We'll get started on the 330i ZHP soon unless we sell it next year!
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