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E30 Brake Caliper Rebuild Kits for E30 ATE Brake Calipers

Short description:


Make sure your factory BMW brake calipers are up to the challenge of compressing the braking zone of your E30 with our E30 ATE Brake Caliper Rebuild Kits.


Rebuild all four E30 ATE Brake Calipers

Harrison Motorsports has assembled a kit with rebuild parts for your OE Ate calipers. Stainless Steel Brake Lines are also an option. Rebuilding your calipers and upgrading the brake lines will give both you and the guy in front of you peace of mind when it comes time to get the SpecE30 "whoa'd down."

 Don't chance the reliability of late 1980s-early 1990s rubber OE caliper components.

Features and Benefits:

  • Guaranteed factory fit to original equipment specifications
  • Backed by a Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship
  • Meets or exceeds original equipment factory safety standards
  • Designed and tested for each Brake Caliper application

E30 ATE Brake Caliper Rebuild Kits conntain the components necessary for repair of the Disc Brake Caliper. All of the rubber components are of high-quality EPDM compound for resistance to glycol-based brake fluid. included:

  • 2 front kits, part #34-11-1-157-043 

  • 2 rear kits, part # 34-21-1-153-194

  • 1 set of Stainless Steel Brake Lines

  • Liter of ATE Type 200(amber) brake fluid.  Note, Ate Super Blue has been withdrawn from the market by Ate.  Type 200 (Amber) is identical to the previously available Ate Super Blue.  The only difference between the two was that Super Blue had blue dye added to make it easier to tell when the brake lines were completely flushed.

Verify which calipers are on your car before ordering. We offer the same kit for Girling calipers.

Upgrade your kit by changing the included ATE Type 200 to Motul 600 or Motul 660 brake fluid. Note, two bottles of Motul are required as Motul packages their brake fluid in half liter bottles.


Chassis Code :
  • E30 3 Series 1984-1991
  • 3 & 4 Series
Suggested Use:
  • Street or Mild Track Performance Upgrade
  • Race Level Performance Upgrade
  • Brakes - Other related parts
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