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Helmets and Related Helmet Gear

Helmet Tips, from our friends at Bell Racing.

Do not attach anything besides a HANS devise to your helmet, unless authorized by the helmet manufacturer.  Attachments can focus a blow in a small area, increasing the probability of injury. Rigid attachments can catch on interior nets and seats, causing twisting of your head and neck in an accident, which might result in serious injury or death.

A helmet is designed to help absorb the force of a blow first, by spreading it over as wide of an area of the outer shell as possible, and then by crushing the non-resilient energy absorbing inner liner.  Damage to the helmet such as cracking and crushing, caused by an impact, is not a sign of a defect in its design or construction.  In fact, it is exactly what the helmet is designed to do.

PAINTING BELL HELMETS: The outer shell of Bell Racing helmets is finished with a polyurethane coating, and can be easily repainted with most high quality paints.  Custom painted helmets cannot be returned or exchanged.

HELMET INSPECTION SERVICE: After an accident, helmets should be inspected closely for damage. If you've owned your Bell Racing helmet for less than five (5) years, Bell Racing will examine the helmet at no cost and provide you with a written report.