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Sparco R100 - Reclining Seat for Spirited Driving

Perfect for a car that see occasional track or autocross time.

Accepts 4-point harness.

Short description:
Extra Thigh and Side support in a Reclining seat.
Spa R100

Drawing on decades of racing history, Sparco has created an extensive line of street car seats that offer the ultimate in comfort and performance.

The ergonomic designs help cradle and protect the driver against even the most demanding lateral forces.

The R100 is Sparco’s latest incarnation of groundbreaking steel-model seats.

Accepts 4-point harness.

Side bolsters and padding provide support and comfort, covered in durable OEM fabric.

Can be reclined using the double adjuster lever.

Made from a durable fabric, the R100 is available in single tone or duo-tone styles. Duo-tone styles feature contrasting side accenting and stitching to match any interior.

Available in all black or in the black/blue, black/gray or black/red. 

Suggested Use:
  • Performance enhancing
  • Street or Mild Track Performance Upgrade
  • Race Level Performance Upgrade
  • Safety - Driver
  • Safety - Vehicle
  • Safety Equipment - Car, (Seats, Harnesses, Nets, Tow Hooks, etc.)