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Red Line CV-2 Grease

Short description:

Red Line CV-2 Grease

14oz tube

Outperforms the best conventional or synthetic greases and lubes

Withstands extreme temperature and pressure in wheel bearings, U-joints, and high-angle CV Joints

Used in a variety of applications with operating temps from -100°F to 500°F

Strong resistance to oxidation and corrosion, low evaporation and oil separation with a minimum effect on rubber seals

Contains an organic moly for chassis lubrication and high temp/high speed industrial equipment

Synthetic fluidity allows increases in bearing life up to 200%

Will darken after high-temp use-not detrimental to performance

  • Red Line CV-2 Grease is designed to withstand the extreme temperatures and pressures
    which occur in high-performance wheel bearings and CV-joints. The excellent high temperature
    stability, extreme-pressure protection, and water resistance enables it to out-perform even the best conventional or synthetic greases.
  • Red Line CV-2 Grease can be used in a wide range of applications at temperatures ranging between -100°F to 500°F and provides good oxidation and corrosion resistance, low evaporation and oil separation, and has
    a minimum effect on rubber seals.
  • The exceptional extreme-pressure performance and the fluidity of the synthetic oil allows increases in bearing life of 200% to 800%. Red Line CV-2 Grease contains a red moly compound which is a superior lubricant to black moly disulfide lubricants.
  • Red Line CV-2 Grease may also be used in industrial applications such as high-temperature alternator bearings, high-speed ball bearings, conveyor bearings, worm gear drives, servo mechanisms, and applications where vibrations can cause fretting wear and corrosion to take place.
  • Red Line CV-2 Grease will retain its consistency and extreme-pressure performance under
    high-temperature and high-shear conditions for extended periods, which extends the performance ranges of the lubricated components.
  • Although Red Line CV-2 is compatible with small amounts of many petroleum-based greases, it is always good lubrication practice to thoroughly clean out the old grease to eliminate abrasive particles and to minimize the possibility of grease incompatibility.
Lubricant 4-Ball Wear Load/Wear Index
ASTM D-4172B) (ASTM D-2783)
Red Line CV-2 0.46 71.1
Syn Grease - M 0.50 41.9
Syn Moly Grease - A 0.78 38.4
GM Wheel Bearing Grease 0.71 36.6

Lubricant 4-Ball Weld Drop Point
(ASTM D-2783)
Red Line CV-2 400 Kg 900°F+
Syn Grease - M 2 200 Kg 485°F
Syn Moly Grease - A 315 Kg 515°F
GM Wheel Bearing Grease 250 Kg 525°F

NLGI Grade #2
NLGI Service GC-LB
Thickener Non-Soap
Fluid Type Thermally-stable synthetic
Useful Temperature Range -100°F to 500°F
Color Red
Dropping Point, °F 900+
Load Wear Index 71.2
4-Ball Wear Scar Diameter (Red), 40 Kg 0.46 mm
Water Washout @ 105°F 1%
Evaporation Loss, 22 hrs @ 350°F 4%
Oil Separation, 30 hrs @ 350°F 5%
Oxidation Stability, 500 hrs @210°F, psi 12
Rust Test, ASTM D1743 Passs
Red Line Synthetic Oil