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Racetech Pro 6 Point HANS Lightweight Harness

Short description:


With two inch wide lap belts

For use with Head and Neck Restraints.


Racetech Pro 6-point HANS© Lightweight Race Harness with 2 in Lap Belts

Racetech Pro 6-point HANS© Race Harness

Racetech offers this premium 6-point harness with 2" shoulder straps for use over the HANS device. This harness is FIA approved, but only when used correctly in conjunction with a HANS device.

Features 2" lap straps and 2" crutch straps, which lock in via a 'T' bar to the lightweight cam-lock. Includes snap-hooks, eye-bolts and instructions for mounting in your vehicle.

Snap-hooks can be removed to allow wrap-style fixing to your rollcage or harness bar.

Available only in full-lightweight (2.9kg). Featuring light-weight alloy adjusters.

With double croch straps for comfort


  • Cam lock attached to crotch straps, with load distribution padding
  • FIA homologated
  • 5 year life
  • 2" lap belt, 3" shoulder straps narrowing to 2" straps for over a HANS© devise
  • Includes long straps and eye bolts
  • Available in Black, Silver or Red

 RTPRLWH - Research shows that the faster the pelvis is captured, the lower the resultant loads on the chest, head, and neck. There is no difference in the strength of the 2" webbing. All webbing (2" or 3") must meet the same load tests.

To explain why 2" webbing is more effective than 3" webbing, one needs to look at the shape of the human body. The Iliac Crest is the part of the pelvic bone that sticks out above the hips. 2" webbing fits entirely within that crest, where 3" webbing rides over the tips of the crest. The 3" webbing has less surface area by percentage than the 2" webbing which will cause more bruising on impact as "hot-spots" of force develop where the belt is making contact with the pelvic bone. Since the 2" webbing rides inside the crest it can be worn as much as 1" to 2" tighter and at the same time is more comfortable.

Since the 2" webbing fits well within the Iliac Crest of the pelvis, it is less likely to slide up above the crest and cause submarining - a condition where the body slides down below the lap belt possibly causing internal organ damage.




Suggested Use:
  • Street or Mild Track Performance Upgrade
  • Race Level Performance Upgrade
  • Safety - Vehicle
  • Interior
  • Safety Equipment - Car, (Seats, Harnesses, Nets, Tow Hooks, etc.)