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Race Ramps Trailer Side Kicks Set

List price: $195.00
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Race Ramps

Race Ramps Trailer Side Kicks

Trailer Side Kicks serve two purposes. First, they fit on their sides in front of a trailer's wheel wells to provide a tapered, protective guide between your vehicle's wheels and the trailer's steel wheel wells. Tall marker flags indicate their placement and help guide you onto the trailer without any scrapes or scratches.

Second, Trailer Side Kicks can be used as ramps for changing a trailer tire. Simply drive the good tire onto the ramp and the flat tire will be lifted off of the ground for easy removal and replacement.

Trailer Side Kicks lightweight but solid construction enables you to safely use them on any surface—pavement, grass, or even sand-without sinking.

Side Kicks are 12 inches wide, 31 inches long and allow a 7.5 inch lift height. They have an 11.5 degree incline.  They are extremely durable and stable, supporting up to 8,000 pounds while weighing only 8 pounds each. They won't gouge, scratch, or otherwise damage your driveway or floor and will never rust.

  • Un-scootable. Will not slide out from under vehicle. Not slippery when wet. Race Ramps are coated with a subtle rubber anti-skid texture. Since they are also totally solid, the entire bottom surface get grip.
  • Will not Scratch or Mark any Flooring. They won't gouge your floor or sink in sand.
  • Will not Damage Trailer Doors or Trailer ramps.
  • One pair of Side Kicks per order

Safety First! Make sure to use wheel chocks when using your ramps! See Product Code RR-WC to order a set of 4 wheel chocks.

Race Ramps