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Race Ramps Trailer Ramp, (8 Inch Height, 74" Extra Long, 6.6 Degree Angle)

List price: $440.00
Short description:
Race Ramps

Race Ramps Trailer Ramps 8" Height, Extra Long

RR-TR-8XL Trailer Ramps can be used by most Car Trailers, as well as towing vehicles. Simply place the trailer door or existing ramps of your open trailer on the notch of these specially designed ramps for a gradual angle of approach.

8” Extra Long ramps are 74” long and 14” wide, they reduce the angle of approach to 6.6 degrees  They can accommodate tires up to 14” wide.  By comparison, the regular 8" ramp, (RR-TR-8)  is 54.75" long, 16" wide, and with an angle of approach of 8.4 degrees.

  • Lightweight Construction - Race Ramps are made out of a high density "space age foam, 100% solid, yet they weigh only about 15lbs each. That's about the same weight as 2 gallons of milk
  • Un-scootable. Will not slide out from under vehicle. Not slippery when wet. Race Ramps are coated with a subtle rubber anti-skid texture. Since they are also totally solid, the entire bottom surface get grip.
  • Will not Scratch or Mark any Flooring. They won't gouge your floor or sink in sand.
  • Will not Damage Trailer Doors or Trailer ramps.
  • One pair of Ramps per order

Safety First! Make sure to use wheel chocks when using your ramps! See Product Code RR-WC to order a set of 4 wheel chocks.

Race Ramps