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Motul Classic PEFORMANCE Motor Oil 20W50 #108081

Motul Performance 20W50 is a specially formulated performance oil for classic cars with 2001 and older engines.

Utilizes high heat and shear stable polymers to maintain the optimum lbricating film and Ring seal in hot running engines.

List price: $8.14
Short description:


Good for use in performance sports cars, hot-rod, sedans, flat tappets and other high output, modified or non modified engines.


Motul Classic Performance 20W50 is a specially formulated performance oil for older cars, maintains optimum lbricating film and ring seal in hot running engines by utilizing high heat and shear stable polymers.

Not a synthetic oil.

Uses a superior DETERGEBT / DISPERSANT additive that works outstandingly in preventing deposits and keeping engine parts clean.

Contains an extremely effective ANTI-FOAM additive keeping the oil very stable and TWO LEVELS ofEXTREME PRESSURE additives for the longevity of  high lift cams with or without roller bearings.

BALANCED FRICTION MODIFIERS enhance Performane 20W50 BREAK-IN efficiency and INCREASED LEVEL OF ZDDP (zinc + phosphorous) reinforces the engine protection level.

Performance 20W50 is compatible with ESTERS, conventional oils and PAO Synthetics.

High Zinc level



Chassis Code :
  • 6/7/8 Series
  • Classics- Pre 1984 & E10/12/21/23/28/32
  • E30 3 Series 1984-1991
  • E30 M3 1988-1991
  • E34 5 Series 1988-1995
  • E34 M5 1991-1993
  • E36 3 Series 1992-1999
  • E36 M3 1995-1999
  • Z3(36-7) Z4(E85/86/89) Z4M(E85/6) Z8(E52)
  • Classic (Pre-198x, 2002, E10/21/23/28/31)
  • 3 & 4 Series
  • Z3/4/8
Suggested Use:
  • Maintenance part
  • Street use
  • Street or Mild Track Performance Upgrade
  • Engine - all other