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Ireland Engineering

Ireland Engineering
Ireland Engineering Oil Pan Baffle for BMW M20 Engine   Aluminum oil pan baffle for the M20 engine made in the USA.  Our baffle completely encircles the pickup, keeping oil at the pump pickup.  Prevents the oil in your car's oil pan from creeping up the side of the oil pan when you turn...

Windage tray for the E30 M20 6 cylinder engine This is a plate that bolts between the oil pan and engine block. It is shaped to closly conform to the crank. As the crank rotates, it carries a lot of oil with it in a sort of tornado of oil. This plate scrapes the oil off the crank. Acting...

Ireland Engineering Rear Swaybar Mount, Billet Aluminum Ireland Engineering's rear sway bar mount kits solve the problem of the E30's weak sway bar mount. If you use a sway bar larger than stock, the body mount will fail sooner or later. If you get under the car and look at how it's made,...