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Hawk HT-10 Brake Pads, BMW E30 318/325 (1984-91) Front Pads

Short description:
HB/HT-10-195-399 F
HB/HT-10-195-399 F

Hawk Performance HT-10 Brake Pads, BMW E30 318/325 (1984-91)

HB195S640 for the front pads, see HB399S630 for the rear pads.

The Hawk HT-10 is one of Hawk's intermediate motorsport pads, offering more heat capacity than the Blue 9012, less rotor wear, and less aggressive dust.

The HT-10 is a popular pad across a wide range of racing venues, from road racing to pavement circle track. It is commonly used as a front application on light to medium weight cars (up to 2800lbs.) Customers with heavier, faster cars often opt chose a front compound with a higher mu and heat capacity for the track, such as the DTC-70.

Chassis Code :
  • E30 3 Series 1984-1991
Hawk Performance Brake Pads