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6PT SFI/FIA Camlock, Head-Restraint Ready, Shoulder Harness in Black by G-Force

G-Force Racing Gear's lightweight, HANS Ready, 6 point Camlock Harness.  

Pull Down shoulder belt adjusters

Pull Up lap belt adjusters

Light on the weight scale, Heavy on quality and features, at a Penny-pinching price.

Short description:


Pull-Up lap adjustment

Speed Pull Tabs for quick tension release

Penny-pinching price.

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Top of the line features at a price you'll love!

HANS ready, SFI 16.5 Rated, 6-Point Harness with Lightweight Aluminun Adjusters

Endurance racers and ChumpCar teams love this harness.  It has all the features needed to make strapping in quick and easy, AND it makes getting OUT easy with a quick release quarter turn camlock and smooth sliding shoulder adjusters.  All adjusters feature Speed Pull Tabs for easy tension release to make driver changes quick and easy.  

The easy adjusting straps also work well for drivers who drive multiple sessions a day.  Starting the day with layers of clothes means adjusting the straps as the temperature rises during the day.  This harness makes it easy. 

The shoulder straps have lightweight E-Z aluminum adjustment, with 2" webbing to fit snuggly over your HANS, that then widens to 3" over your abdomen for comfort.  The shoulders belts are 3 inch wide where they attach to the lightweight E-Z aluminum adjusters.

This set comes with Midnight Black, clip-in hardware. The lap belt mounts are sewn in as tested, the shoulder and sub points are laced in and can be removed for wrap around application. Lap adjusters are made with Anti-Slip Springs for added security.

Lap adjusters are made with Anti-Slip Springs for added security.


6-Point Dual Rated FIA & SFI 16.5 Harness
Pull-Up lap adjustment with Anti-Slip Springs
Restraint device ready shoulder belts featuring 3" to 2" webbing
Midnight Black Hardware
Speed Pull Tabs for quick tension release
Quarter Turn camlock buckle for easy engagement and quick release
Comes standard with Snap Hook hardware for lap belts and anti-sub belts
E-Z aluminum shoulder adjusters

Adjustable Length Range:

  • Shoulder Belts 12"-70" from center buckle to mounting point
  • Lap Belt (1 Side): 11"-29" from center buckle to mounting point
  • Sub Straps: 5"-30" from center buckle to mounting point
Suggested Use:
  • Street or Mild Track Performance Upgrade
  • Race Level Performance Upgrade
  • Safety - Vehicle
  • Interior
  • Safety Equipment - Car, (Seats, Harnesses, Nets, Tow Hooks, etc.)
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