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Coco Mats, The Original and the Best

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The Original Auto Mat, Classic look, and dirt falls into the mat, staying off your clothes.

#02 Black with Natural Dots #12 Black with White Dots #21 Natural Herringbone #22 Black Herringbone #51 Blackwith Red Dots #52 Black with Yellow Dots #53 Black with Grey Dots #55 Black with Blue Dots #91 Jaspe (Calico)
#101 Black & Red Chequers #102 Black and Green #103 Black and Grey #104 Black and Tan #105 Black and Blue #106 Black and Orange
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Click on the color swatches below to view a larger color samples.   Because CocoMats.com makes each set of mats as they are ordered, every hand crafted Coco Mats order has a 3-4 week production time before they are shipped.   Your mats are made special for you, good things take time! Ordering a quantity of 1 gets one set of mats you choose, produced and shipped to you.

Coco Mat Patterns

The Original Auto Mat, Hides Dirt - Classic Look

BMW E36 with Black and Blue Dotted Coco Mats

Please click on the color swatches below to see a larger color sample.

Coco Mats floor mats for carsCar floor mats made by CocoMats.comNatural color coco car floor mat, made by CocoMats.com

Black Coco car floor mats by CocoMats.comCar floor mats made by CocoMats.com in black and redCoco car floor mats made by CocoMats.com

Black with Grey Coco MatsCoco car floor mats made by CocoMats.comJaspe color Coco Mats for cars

Chequers - (Checkers) Sisal Mats

Fun, race track inspired colors!

Introduced in the 1960'™s as a factory accessory for BMW's 2002, 2800 and 3.0 Models, Checkered Car Mats arrived during BMW'™s "Campaign of Colors".  Made from the same woven coco fiber and the CocoMat Patterns, the Chequers Mats offer a dash of motorsports to any car.
Black and Tan Mats in a MINI Cooper
Currently the Chequer weave has found popularity with the modern Tuner Cars due to their vibrant colors and history. Offered in Six (6) original color combinations, Chequers Auto Mats are made from 100% sisal, a natural fibre.
Please click on the color swatches below to see a larger color sample.

#101 Black and Red Chequers Black and Green Coco Mats Coco car floor mats made by CocoMats.com

Tan and Black Checkered car floor mat Blue and Black Checkered car floor mat Orange and Black Checkered car floor mat


Natural Auto Products re-introduced the classic cocomat car floor mat in 1996, updating them to include the following features.

  • A natural rubber backing with nibs to hold the mat in place.Velcro for BMW Mats
  • Heavy duty materials and construction, a set of two front mats weight 10-3 pounds, and are a longer lasting quality mat.
  • Coco Fiber Matting.  Woven from top grade Anjengo yarn which has the most consistent quality, with a tight, hard twist to prevent fraying.  The finest dyes are used to produce long lasting vibrant colors.
  • Signature rubber heel pad is pressed and hot glued into the matting, then double stitched to lay flush with the top of the mat. CocoMats avoids the cheap plastic heel pad that might rip and then catch your shoe heel while you are driving.
  • Tough, high quality edging appears to be leather, but is actually made of durable and water resistant vinyl.  Sewn down with a tough heavy duty Nylon thread which will never break.

Quality control is key, and your CocoMats will not be shipped unless it met their tough standards.  Each mat goes through a quality check at each productions steps, as well as before shipping out.


Suggested Use:
  • Gifts
  • Enhance the stance & look
  • Maintenance part
  • Street use
  • Interior
Coco Mats

Coco Mats (Color_Samples.jpg, 80 Kb) [Download]

Chequers Color Samples (All_Available_Colors_-_Chequers_Material.jpg, 365 Kb) [Download]