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Carbon Fiber Horn Block-off Plate

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Add some 'cool' factor to your car!  Fill the ugly hole in the middle of your steering wheel in under a minute, with style!

Once your friends see it, they will want one too!

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Carbon Fiber Horn Block-off Plate

Horn Block off plate

Dress up your steering wheel, (MONO, Sparco, OMP and others) with this hand crafted carbon fiber horn block off plate.  

Fitting between your quick release devise or steering wheel hub adapter, and your aftermarket steering wheel, this carbon fiber disc fills the open space in your track car's steering wheel without moving the steering wheel any closer to you.

A paper thin layer between the steering wheel and the quick release, but approximately a quarter inch thick to fill where the horn button should be.

Horn block off plate

Cleverly designed, a foam core is encapsulated between two thin layers of high quality carbon fiber and sealed with epoxy resin.  Edges are trimmed to a perfect circle, and holes are pre-drilled in a 6 x 70mm bolt circle to fit MOMO, Sparco, OMP and other steering wheels.  All edges are neat and smooth.  

For use with a quick release devise.  A couple minutes with a screw driver and one horn  is all that's needed to give your steering wheel a professional look.Horn Block off plate

Suggested Use:
  • Gifts
  • Enhance the stance & look
  • Safety - Vehicle
  • Interior
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