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AKG BMW 2002 Bump Steer / Strut Spacer Set - 1' Steel Weld On

1″ Thick steel weld-on spacers. To correct bump steer often experienced in lowered race cars.

Short description:

BTS2002W - For 14"+ diameter wheels only

2002 Model BMW

This items usually ships in:

AKG Motorsport Bump Steer / Strut Spacers, 1 inch (26mm)

For BMW 2002

For 14″+ diameter wheels only

Set of two, plus hardware

Weld on only

Chassis Code :
  • Classics- Pre 1984 & E10/12/21/23/28/32
  • Classic (Pre-198x, 2002, E10/21/23/28/31)
Suggested Use:
  • Performance enhancing
  • Street or Mild Track Performance Upgrade
  • Suspension - Sway Bar, Camber Links, Stabilizer Links
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