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As BimmerTech Authorized Dealer, we are proud to offer the expertise in the full range of retrofits, from identifying the right product to suit your needs to offering great after-sales support.

We're proud to offer our customers BimmerTech's range of top-of-the-line BMW retrofits. Each has been designed specifically for BMWs, for optimum performance in your car.

BimmerTech was established with the sole purpose of providing BMW owners with the most advanced and up-to-date OEM retrofits, coding and software updates not commonly available anywhere else. With more than 10 years of professional experience, our team of software and hardware engineers, technicians and, above all, BMW enthusiasts are dedicated to the complete understanding and expertise of BMW electronics and software.

Our products are seamlessly integrated to each vehicle like they were factory-installed - even when they are actually not factory-available as retrofits. From complete 4th Generation iDrive CIC retrofits to the latest BMW Apps, BMW Live and Internet features, our expertise in surpassing customers expectations in product performance, installations and service quality has been our job from day one.

Our customer service, warranty and aftersales support are exceptional. A global network of professional technicians and engineers install and support our products as an extension of our vast capabilities. We use only OEM tried and proven parts and software to guarantee that your BMW will just be a much better equipped BMW. Our personalization program provides a flexible and efficient platform from which the most demanding customers can select specific features and retrofits for their vehicles if so desired.

Make your BMW a BimmerTech BMW...

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