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Bell Vador Racing Helmet

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Bell Racer Series: Vador Helmets

Bell Racing offers the Vador helmets as the next step up in helmets compared to Bell Sport series (Sport, Sport Edge, or Sport EV) of helmets.

The Bell Racer series helmets weigh less than the Bell Sport series helmets, and utilize removable interiors.  Using lighter, upgraded materials in M.8, the BR.1 and the Vador, allows you to remove the interior padding for cleaning, and we all appreciate that in the hot summer months.  

Common features for the Bell Racer Series of Helmets:

  • Snell SA2015 Homologation
  • Channels in the interior padding offer various options to install communication mics and earpieces, and/or drinking tube systems.
  • Removable Interiors are covered in black Comfort-Plus FR fabric for duability and comfort.
  • Outstanding fit from the multiple foam densities used to create the interior.
  • M6 terminal hardware for HANS type systems, hex wrench included.
  • Lightweight composite outer shell created with high-pressure molding system for improved shell strength.

Bell Vador - Fighter Pilot Style Shield, Multi-use Helmet

Bell Vador, Racing Helmet with Fighter Pilot Style

Bell Racing added a new look to their line of Racing Helmets with the Vador.

SA2015 Homologation

With rear facing air vents to prevent dust and dirt from entering the helmet, and a natural breath deflector integrated into the chin bar, the Vador is a perfect fit for dirt track racing, karting or drag racing.  But it will also be seen on road courses due to it's lightweight composite shell and comfortable interior fitment.

The Vador's interior uses all the same features as the other Bell Racer Series Helmets;

Multi-piece, multi-density high-impact custom bead absorbing liner for protection against low and high velocity impacts.

Multi-foam densities and durable black Comfort-Plus FR interior fabric make the interior for a perfect fit to your head.

Bell Vador Racing Helmet

Channels provided in the face piece for communications wiring options.

Standard size eyeport

289 3mm SRV shield with the SRV-1 Pivot System, clear shield included.  The Vador uses a hollow synthetic rubber gasket seal to prevent water, dirt and air from entering the helmet from around the shield.

M6 Terminal Hardware for Head and Neck Restrant Devices, hex wrench included.

Sizes S (57) to XL (61+), in White or Matte Black 

Included a Bell Helmet Draw String bag to keep you helmet clean when not on your head.

Aggressive styling to intimidate your competition!

Bell Vador Fighter Pilot Style Racing HelmetBell Vador Fighter Pilot Style Racing Helmet


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