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Bell RS7 Carbon Fiber Helmet, with or without duckbill.

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Short description:

BELL-RS7 Carbon

Based on the HP7 design, featuring an ultra- lightweight carbon composite shell, medium size helmet weighs approx 2.9 lbs.

BELL-RS7 Carbon


Based on the HP7 design and featuring an ultra-lightweight carbon shell using Bell’s high-pressure proprietary molding system, the RS7 uses an innovative shell and shield design to improve acoustic comfort, aerodynamic performance and energy absorbing capacities. Features an advanced ventilation system that can be used with or without air intake covers.  The RS7 Carbon is available in three versions:

  • RS7 Carbon without Ear Cups
  • RS7 Carbon with Ear Cups
  • RS7 Carbon with Front Chin Bar Gurney (duckbill)

Narrow size eyeport, with a hollow synthetic rubber gasket seal to ensure air water and dust can't penetrate around the shield.

SE07 3MM DSAF Shield (SV SE07 Pivot System) – Clear Shield included.

The RS7 double screen anti fog (DSAF) visor and rubber gasket seal ensures air, water and dust will not enter the eyeport. 

Integrated Channels in the Face Piece Offer Multiple Options to Install Integrated Drinking Tube Systems and Radio Microphone Systems

Advanced Ventilation System with 14 Intake and Extraction Channels with Air Intake Covers, 

Adaptable for Closed Car Forms of Racing with Top Forced Air Inserts Including Eyeport, 8 Hole and 10 Hole Options to Improve Internal Ventilation When Used with Forced Air System (Sold Separately)

Available in Ear Cup Configuration to Reduce Ambient Noise

Aerodynamic Accessories including Chin Bar and Top Gurneys and Rear Spoiler (Sold Separately) for Improved Aero Performance and Stability at High Speeds

Bell’s Carbon Series helmets feature ultra-light carbon shells, leading edge aerodynamic styling, and superior ventilation for maximum air exchange.  If helmet weight, at an price point that is less than the cost of an E30, is a serious factor in your choice of helmet, then pick one of these.

Common Features for the Carbon Series Helmets

  • Ultra-lightweight carbon shell
  • High-pressure molding system for improved shell strength
  • Hollow synthetic rubber gasket seal ensuring that air, water and dirt can’t penetrate into the helmet
  • Multi-piece, multi-density high-impact custom bead absorbing liner for low and high velocity impact protection
  • Ultra plush grey comfort-max FR interior fabric for improved comfort and superior moisture wicking properties
  • Pro-style, multi foam density interior with contoured cheek pads for professional fit
  • M6 terminal hardware for head and neck restraint devices
  • Draw string helmet bag included
  • Hex wrench to adjust/remove shield included
  • Sizes 7 1/8 Minus (57-) to 7 5/8+ (61+)
  • Snell SA2015 Homologation
  • FIA8859-2015 Homologation

Differences between the Carbon Series Helmets

  • Bell M.8 Carbon - Large size eyeport, wide field of vision, good with eyeglasses
  • GP.3 Carbon - Standard size eyeport, F1 styling, aero accessories available
  • GTX.3 Carbon - Standard size eyeport, integrated rear wing, rear facing vents, (good for dirt tracks)
  • RS7 Carbon, with or without Ear Cups - Narrow eyeport, Multi-purpose helmet
  • RS7 Duckbill Carbon - Narrow eyeport, Multi-purpose helmet, adaptable aero accessories available

Designed to perform in a variety of demanding racing environments, the Carbon Series are for Drivers who demand the perfect combination of performance and protection every time they hit the track.  Because of the variety of racing environments, Bell offers a variety of Carbon helmets to suit your needs.


RS7 Carbon

Bell's flexible, multi-purpose helmet.

RS7 Carbon Based on the HP7 design and featuring an ultra- lightweight carbon composite shell using Bell’s high-pressure proprietary molding system, a medium size helmet weighs approx 2.9 lbs.

Bell Helmets RS7 Carbon HelmetBell Helmets RS7 Carbon HelmetBell Helmets RS7 Carbon Helmet












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