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0278.XX.17.44 PFC Brake Pads BMW E30 Front (SPEC E30)

08 - Smooth initial bite, excellent release and modulation characteristics, and very low abraded disc wear.

11 - High bite, and torque, very little temperature induced torque rise.

Short description:

0278.XX.17.44  - Available in 08 - 11 Compounds

For BMW E30 chassis and other friends - Front Brake Pads

BMW E30 3-Series (not M3) 1982-91 Front
Mercedes 190 1984-93 Front
Peugeot 405 1989 Front
Saab 900 1988 Front
Saab 9000 1988 Front

This listing is for E30 Front Pads, for E30 Rear Pads click here!

PFC Offers Two Motorsports Brake Pad Compounds, 08 and 11.

***PFC 08 is one of PFC's newest offerings.

PFC 08 has gained immediate favor in Endurance Sportscar, and GT racing due to its performance in applications where smooth initial bite is a must.***

The 08 Compound features a slight friction rise with temperature, excellent release and modulation characteristics, and very low abraded disc wear.

In addition to its considerable performance, 08 wears the longest of all PFC pads and easily matches the wear of the other competitors with a much higher bite.

08 Recommended Applications;

  • Endurance Sportscar and GT,
  • SCCA Racing, Porsche/BMW Club Racing, Track Day and Driver Education events
  • ChumpCar, AER, etc.


 ****PFC 11 is a new generation sprint and medium distance friction —the ultimate in control, with superior disc conditioning.***

The 11 compound was developed from the 01 compound with improved bite, modulation, and release characteristics. It is ultra smooth and developed to reduce wheel locking at the end of a stop.

Brake with confidence—brake with ultimate control and modulation. For many applications, 11 will replace the venerable 01 compound.

11 Typical applications;

  • Ideal use for medium-low grip venues where control and modulation is at a premium.
  • Also racing venues where ABS systems are used,
  • 11 can be used in a large spectrum of temperature ranges.
  • 11’s wear is par with PFC’s legendary 01 compound. Virtually zero taper wear when raced in a properly designed race caliper.  
  • It is ideal for use in medium- or low-grip situations such as hard spec tires or light cars with no downforce.



Chassis Code :
  • E30 3 Series 1984-1991
  • 3 & 4 Series
Suggested Use:
  • Race Level Performance Upgrade
  • Brake Pads
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