E36 M3 Front Splitter w/ Undertray ABS
  • E36 M3 Front Splitter w/ Undertray ABS
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E36 M3 Front Splitter w/ Undertray ABS


Price: $355.00


Harrison Motorsports' E36 M3 Front Splitter w/ Undertray ABS

Our HMSport front splitter with under tray is the perfect solution to your E36’s destroyed factory under tray components. This one piece solid ABS splitter will replace the factory plastic pieces that are inadequate and brittle. Most E36 BMWs are missing many, if not all of the factory pieces that comprise the front under tray. This leaves the engine components open to all debris that may come in contact with your BMW‘s underside.

This part will also help to add front down force resulting in better handling. Drag is also reduced, resulting in better fuel economy.

Installs easily. Includes turnbuckles, also known as Spoiler Supports.

Helps to protect the underside of the engine from harsh road debris, spray, and curbs.

Requires M3 front bumper for installation.

Put that finishing touch on your E36 with this handsome under tray. HMSport has found a way to remedy the insufficient front end protection your BMW received from the factory - the HMSport ABS splitter. It will provide protection, performance, and peace of mind.

We recommend drilling holes using the guide holes in the splitter as a template, and bolting it to the bottom of your E36 M3 bumper cover.

Placement depends on whatever the sanctioning body you run with specifies.

We do not provide hardware because people have their own preferred method of attachment.

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