Brake Line Kit, E32, 1988-94, 750, 6 Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines

CODE: BMW-1200-750

Price: $119.95


Our Brake Line Kits use an outer covering of braided stainless steel to eliminate the squishy brake pedal feeling due to volumetric expansion of the OEM rubber brake hoses. Over time and with use, OEM rubber brake lines can swell and expand, causing brakes to fade under heavy use. Rubber hoses also can deteriorate due to age and exposure to ozone. And under spirited driving conditions, rubber hoses may be subjected to flying debris.

Braided Stainless Steel brake lines offer additional resistance to these problems.  A clear PVC covering over the stainless steel gives additional protection from flying debris and from abrasion due to the lines rubbing on suspension components.

The inner hose core features Teflon PTFE, with an extruded Teflon core. Chrome or zinc plated steel fittings are permanently crimped onto each end.

All stainless steel brake line kits are D.O.T. certified, bolts and washers are included if required. 

Each Kit replaces all the brake lines in your vehicle to give you the solid results high performance drivers demand.

Brake Line Kit, E32, 1988-94, 750, 6 line kit.

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